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Chinese Tea Ceremony Cups
Chinese Tea Ceremonies

A Chinese Tea Ceremony is a sacred time for people to get together to talk and share their thoughts and feelings. It also can be simply to relax and enjoy the tea and a quiet moment.

The tea ceremony is a way to slow down the fast pace of modern life, focus mental energies, relax, and enjoy an ancient tradition. There are four principles in Ch'a Tao (Way of Tea), revealed by sixteenth century tea master Lu Yu. The four principles are harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. They represent the highest ideals of humanity and help one's spiritual growth. The purpose of the tea ceremony is to slow down, enjoy the present moment, and open one's heart to inspiration from art and beauty in everyday life.

The ritual of steeping the tea in the small teapot can extract the finest flavor from high quality tea. In the Tea Ceremony, you will have time to allow your senses to fully experience the moment. By enjoying the purity of tea’s color, smelling its special aroma, and tasting tea from a small teacup, your mind will focus on the meaningful values revealed in the Way of Tea. After the ceremony, one can find a new peace of mind and walk into the world with peaceful thoughts and pleasant mood.
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For reservations:
Call 651.635.0945
or contact us.
$25/person for groups of 4-6 people
Expect at least 1 to 2 hours (it also depends on the group).
After the tea ceremony, you have the option to purchase high quality of teas that have been shipped directly from tea farms in Taiwan. Tea wares are also available.
Peiju Liu Picard
Tea Ceremony Educator
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