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About Us

We love Taiwan's high mountain tea and have enjoyed the benefits of drinking tea for many years. In 2005, we started to introduce the premium high mountain tea to our community in Minnesota. We believe tea drinking is a wonderful habit and rich with culture, so we decided to promote this special tea drinking culture to this fast paced society.

In the beginning of 2008, we established a company and became importers of fine teas of Taiwan, offering tea ceremonies and sales of loose leaf teas and flow through steeping bags. In addition to teas, we offer Yixing tea pots and other tea wares which are well-suited to brewing loose leaf oolong teas.

Our suppliers are the actual plantation owners and tea masters. With generations of experience in tea cultivation, these growers have many eager buyers from around the world. Since we buy directly from them, our prices are very competitive.If you enjoy a fine high mountain oolong or green tea, you have come to the right place. We invite you to enjoy a tea ceremony for four to six people, in our tea room.

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