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Welcome to Formosa
High Mountain Tea!

Where you find fresh, premium tea shipped directly to us from farmers we know in Taiwan. Tea grown high on mountains is more pure and has a more elegant aroma and rich taste than other teas. And freshness assures you get the greatest amount of anti-oxidants.

Our mountain teas are grown traditionally using organic methods and natural fertilizers like soybean byproduct, but do not claim to be organic tea. The lush, green mountainsides, moist air, cool temperatures, short exposure to the sun, and high mountain energy give our tea its unique flavor, aroma and premium qualities.

The cultivation and appreciation of high mountain tea are similar to those of fine wines, with each farm and each mountain producing its own unique selection of flavors and each year’s harvest yielding its own special character. Taiwan high mountain tea is the ultimate masterpiece in the art of Chinese tea.

Chilai Tea Farm
The beauty of Formosa High Mountain Tea is its floral aroma and an elegant flavor with a fresh, clean color and aftertaste.

Formosa High Mountain tea is available in 5 varieties to suit any taste or mood. Our Oolong teas range from low to high oxidation and green to red teas. Our best selling High Mountain Oolong Tea (or Wu Long) has a sweet aftertaste and is more akin to green tea than to black.

  • High Mountain Oolong Tea (Chilai Mountain, Alishan, and Nantou)
  • Jade Tea
  • Golden Lily
  • Four Seasons
  • GABA Oolong

Buy High Mountain Tea (either loose tea or tea bag; either caffeine tea or decaf tea), tea gifts and accessories from our online tea store to enjoy the soothing benefits tea brings.

We also do tea ceremonies and invite tea lovers to learn about the world of traditional Chinese tea arts (or Kong Fu style tea ceremony)!

Pure, rich high mountain teas bring comfort, health and happiness to your life.

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