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Customer Testimonials

Mike Rae Moen 1This artwork was created by an artist who attended our Tea Ceremony.  Our Tea Ceremonies bring harmony and respect with all mankind.  From this picture, we see people with various backgrounds and ages.  We all can join together and enjoy peace.  Thank you for the beautiful artwork, Mike!
  Mike Rae Moen, MN
Formosa High Mountain Tea has wonderful tea. I highly recommend their Cold Fusion Golden Lily Tea. It is very tasty and refreshing.
  John C, St. Paul
"...after your tea ceremony and at the guild meeting they are in absolute awe and respect for you and your tea ceremony, ... anyone who has had such an experience of sharing the tea ceremony is really in gratitude for having had such a educationally revealing and transforming experience. all who we know who have been blessed to experience your tea ceremony loved it and thank us for sharing with them you in their lives."
  Steve, MN
" Just wanted to let you know I love the Formosa Jade Tea! My work friends and I have tea time every afternoon at work. They also love your tea! The packaging is so beautiful too. It is all so relaxing. I think my attitude at work has improved since I got your tea :). Thank you!"
  Mary, TX

"I was never a tea drinker until I was introduced to Formosa High Mountain tea.  I like the fact that it has no additives and I like it both as hot tea or iced tea. I have had many wonderful conversations over a cup of tea.  It seems to relax everybody and soon we are talking and laughing together."

  Lorraine, MN
"We really enjoyed meeting you yesterday. You were a wonderful inspiration to listen to. And especially enjoyed your tea. I have recently started drinking green tea for good health but does not compare to your fresh tea. Most of all, enjoyed your passion in seeking your dream to be healthy and happy."
  Rhonda, MN
"That was so relaxing, and such fun. Thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge and passion for tea with us."
  Jesse, MN
"Your tea ceremony was a beautiful unique gift of spirit and for the spirit. I didn't want the hour to end with its inner enriching. The tea did taste most delicious, of pure, finest quality."
  Kathy, WI
recently have been down with a bad cold, and came back for a second time. though i did not enjoy espresso or regular coffee or not soda, as i usually do, the one thing i did enjoy drinking was your oolong tea, hot and cold and certainly enjoy it when i do feel well and have it with my meals. carol heinen from port washington, wi. 53074
  Carol Heinen, Wisconsin
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